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Darko Žubrinić, 2013

Ivan Mestrovic's St. Jerome in front of the Embassy of the Republic of Croatia, Washington DC, USA
A gift from Croatian Fraciscan Glagolitic Tertiaries in the USA

One of Ivan Meštrović's Chicago Indians, carved in Croatia's capital Zagreb; source Flickr


The greatest twenty:

Nikola Tesla, the father of electric power industry, born and educated in Croatia

Anthony F. Lucas (Antun Lučić), the father of petroleum industry

Mario Puratić, the father of the fishing industry, inventor of the Puretic Power Block

William Feller, distinguished Croatian-American mathematician (Princeton University), National Medal of Science

Erazmo Tićac (Ben Tichaz), planner of the Savannah nuclear ship

George Mikan, gentle giant, a founder of NBA

Peter Tomich, recipient of the United States military's highest award, the Medal of Honor (part 1)

Jacob Jake Matijevic, father of the Curiosity rover on Mars

Anthony Maglica, Mag-Lite flashlite producer

Ivan Meštrović, distinguished Croatian sculptoror, author of 'Chicago Indians'

Mia Slavenska, distinguished Croatian ballerina

Bill Bellichick, the best American football coach ever

David Diehl, American football player

Roger Maris, baseball player

David Byler, eighth generation Croatian in the USA

Zinka Kunc Milanov, famous opera singer, Metropolitan Opera 

Mike Grgich, the king of Zinfandel wines

Paul L. Modrich, Duke University, 2015 Nobel Prize for Chemistry

Dražen Petrović, Croatian basketball player, NBA player

Maxo Vanka, distinguished Croatian painter

CroatiaFest 2005, Seattle, USA, Photo - Jal Schrof
Social Dance, Croatian Benevolent Society Zvonimir tamburitzans (USA), 19th century,
see Croatian flag with coat of arms on the left, and American on the right.
Source: Croatian American Web, USA.

David Diehl, New York Giants, 2008,  with tattooed Croatian Coat of Arms
photo from the CROWN

Nenad Bach, pop and rock musician, humanitarian activist

Zlatko Baloković, distinguished Croatian violinist

Jack Baric, Searching for a Storm

Mark Begich, US Senator, Alaska

Nick Begich, independent researcher in the sciences and politics

Mladen Bestvina, distinguished Croatian mathematician

Michael Bilandic, Mayor of Chicago 1977-1979

Phil Boskovich, The King of Onions

Brenda Brkušić, award winning filmmaker, producer, and excellent Croatian cook

Suncica Canic, professor of Mathematics

Krešimir Ćosić, Croatian basketball player and diplomat

Ashley Colburn, Wow Croatia

Helen Crlenkovic, springboard diver

Louis Cukela, recipient of the Navy and Army Medals of Honor for extraordinary heroism in France 1918

Blase J. Cupich, Chicago Archbishop

Ante Čuvalo, historian, father of Mime Cuvalo

Mime Cuvalo, web developer, proponent of open web standards, and benefactor

Jaksa Cvitanic, a leading expert in mathematical finance

Milislav Demerec, distinguished Croatian genetician

Asaf Durakovic, nuclear scientist and radiobiologist

Adam S. Eterovich, researcher of the history of American Croatians

Gary Gabelich, world record speed by rocket-powered Blue Flame

Daniel Gajski, a hero of computer science

Silvija Gradečak, Associate Professor in materials science and engineering, MIT

Anthony Grbic, expert in metamaterials

Jerry Grcevich, Croatian tamburitza virtuoso

Emil Grgin (or Emil Gergin), Croatian physicist

Branko Grünbaum, distinugished professor of Mathematics

Hedvig Hricak, distinguished Croatian expert in radiology and tumor diagnosis

Zeljko Ivezic, distinguished Croatian astronomer

Nikola Knez, filmmaker, creator of iFilms LLC

Daniel Kolak, distinguished philosopher

Vlado Kolitsch, Croatian violinist, inventor of the Kolitsch shoulderset

John E. Kozar, president of the Catholic Near East Welfare Association

John Kraljic, officer of the Croatian Academy of America

fra Ljubo Krasić, director of Croatian Ethnic Institute in Chicago

Brian Krzanich, Brian Krzanich Intel CEO leads an organization of more than 100,000 employees

Dennis Kucinich, member of the US House of Representatives

Jefrey Kuhner, The Washington Times

Toni Kukoč, Croatian basketball player, NBA player

Andrea Kulier, young expert in cosmology

Božidar Kunc, distinguished Croatian pianist and composer

Ivana Kunc, soprano opera singer

Tomislav Kuzmanovic, lawyer, recipient of the Vinodol Code Award

Branimir Kvartuc, photographer and philantropist

Branko Leskovar, distinguished expert in Electrical Engineering

Ilija Letica, director of the LETICA corporation

Radoslav Lorković, Croatian pop musician in the USA

Bernard Luketich, president of Croatian Fraternal Union, USA

Joe Magarac, legendary Croatian steel worker in the USA

John Malkovich, distinguished actor, with Croatian grandparents

Josip Marcan, formost expert on tigers

Egon Matijević, distinguished Croatian scientist, expert in the field of Chemistry

Miljenko Matijević, rock singer

C. Michael McAdams, historian

Zvonimir Mihanović, Croatian painter

Kreso Mikulic, Croatian engineer and winemaker

Joe Mikulec, Croatian globetrotter

Marija Miletic Dail, and her animation cottage

Eduard Miloslavic, distinguished professor of pathology

Ivan Mirkovic, professor of Mathematics

Luka Misetic, lawyer, recipient of the Vinodol Code Award

Vladimir Novak, Croatian photographer

Michael J. Novosel, recipient of the Medal of Honor

Michael Palaich, distinguished humanist

Dražen Prelec, professor at MIT, on of the leading experts for Neuroeconomics

George Jure Prpić, historian

Hrabri Rajic, Intel, founder and former co-chair of Distributed Resource Management Application API (DRMAA), maintainer of Modro jezero web site (Blue Lake, near Imotski, Croatia)

Pasko Rakic, outstanding neurobiologist

Milan Randić, one of the leading experts in mathematical chemistry

Dina Rizvić, young Croatian singer, composer, pianist and guitarist

Joseph Thomas Rukavina, humanitarian activist

Nick Saban, American college football coach

Tefko Saračević, distinguished international expert in Information Sciences, Professor at Rutgers University

Darko Sertić, founder and director of Applied Ceramics

George M. Skurla, led the team of 1600 scientists and engineers that built the historic Apollo 11 lunar landing module

Marin Soljačić, distinguished Croatian physicist, MIT

Davor Solter, among the first scientists to postulate genomic imprinting

Ekrem Eck Spahic, defender of the homeland and philatelist

James Spudich, distinguished biochemist

Vjekoslav Šutej, director of the Houston Opera Orchestra 1992-1997

Henry Suzzallo, president of the University of Washington

Tajči, Tatjana Cameron (born Matejaš), Croatian pop singer in the USA

Joseph Turkalj, distinguished Croatian sculptor

Ana Vidović, distinguished Croatian guitarist

Goran Visnjic, distinguished Croatian-American actor

Davor Vrankić, Croatian painter

Milojko Mike Vucelic, former Apollo System Manager for NASA/Rockwell, recipient of Presidential Award for Freedom, studied Mechanica Engineering at the Univeristy of Zagreb

Mladen Wickerhauser, Croatian mathematician

Don Wolf, professional photographer

Fritzie Zivic, professional boxer, welterweight champion of the world

CroatiaFest 2005, Seattle, USA, Photo - Jal Schrof

Croatian Woman celebrating 80 years of existence in Chicago 2009

Croatian Glagolitic books in the USA

Vladimir Novak:
Mr. Vladimir Novak, Zagreb, has prepared an important and luxorous monograph
CROATIANS IN AMERICA, A Photomonograph, Zagreb - Croatia, 2013

Croatian tamburitza in the USA

The first tamburitza concert in the USA was held as early as in 1900 in the Carnegie Hall in New York. That same year the American Croats were invited to the White House to play for the president Theodor Roosevelt. In 1902 the first Croatian choir Zora (Dawn) in the USA was founded In 1960 the Croats in Pittsburgh founded the Tamburitza Philharmonic Orchestra, which had 75 players.

Omaha Tamburitzans, USA
Omaha Tamburitzans, USA
Omaha Tamburitzans, USA

Omaha Tamburitzans, USA

Tamburitza orchestra "Živila Hrvatska" (Long Live Croatia), USA,
performed in the White House for president Theodore Roosewelt in 1900.

Over the past several decades only in the USA several hundred tamburitza orchestras were active, with more than 5,000 players. At this moment The Youth Federation of Tamburitza Players in the USA comprises 44 orchestras. Its rich activity is mainly due to the fruitful efforts of the Croatian Fraternal Union (CFU) (Hrvatska bratska zajednica) and its president Bernard Luketich in Pittsburgh. Except in Croatia and the USA, numerous tamburitza orchestras exist among Croatian diaspora in Austria, Switzerland, Germany, Hungary, Scandinavia, South African Republic, Australia, New Zealand, Canada and elsewhere.

Fabian Koss, John Hrvacich, other unknown

I express my deep gratitude to Mr Vladimir Novak for permission to use the above beautiful photo from his collection, and the following one (Croats from Lika, Gorski Kotar and Hercegovina, during their stay in Burnett, Washington, in 1919):

Tamburitza orchestra "Velebit" from Croatia in the USA, 1919 (note a left handed player)

North Hills Junior Tamburitzans, USA

CroatiaFest 2005, Seattle, USA, Photo - Jal Schrof

CroatiaFest 2005, Seattle, USA, Photo - Jal Schrof

Tamburitza orchestra from the Baroque city of Varaždin, Croatia, playing in the USA, 1900. 
Note a nice lady playing bass, which is rather unusual. Source: Mr. Vladimir Novak, Zagreb.

Tamburitza instruments exhibited in the Museum of Croatian Fraternal Union in Pittsburgh, USA. 
Source: George Prpic, The Croatian Immigrants in America, New York, 1971

CroatiaFest 2005, Seattle, USA, Photo - Jal Schrof
The Tamburica Croatian Orchestra, 1887 County of Buffalo, Nebraska, USA (see
The Tamburitza Croatian Orchestra in Buffalo, Nebraska, USA, 1887 (sic!).

Croatian Tamburitza Orchestra Zvonimir, 1900, San Francisco, USA,
photo from Croatian American Web

Croatian Fraternal Union, 1894; source Northwest Croatians

  Croatian Fraternal Union, USA, 1894

St. Jerome Catholic church in Chicago

Croatian Globetrotter Joe Mikulec

Picture of Josip (Joseph) Mikulec in possession of Dr. Ante Cuvalo, Chicago

A detail on his breast: Croatian Coat of Arms

Croatian adventurer Josip (Joseph) Mikulec set out to circumnavigate the globe on foot in the span of five years. 
With the start of this journey he became a perpetual wanderer. 
Mostly hiking, he traveled the world some 28 years and achieved a degree of fame 
for having collected more than 30,000 autographs of world-famous people.

Joseph Mikulec with Croatian Coat of Arms.

Hrvatska Žena (Croatian Woman) society, Branch 1 of Chicago founded on January 27, 1929. Another 18 branches were founded throughout the United States supporting churches, schools, charities and cultural programs as well as the American military during World War II. Source Vladimir Novak.

Hrvatska žena, ustrojena 27. siječnja 1929, Chicago ILL.
Croatian Woman, founded on January 27, 1929, Chicago ILL., source

Hrvatska žena, grana br. 1, Chicago, 1929-2009
Croatian Woman, branch #1, Chicago, 80th Anniversary, source

Kolendar (Calender), New York, issued by Croatian printing and publishing company,1921
CroatiaFest 2005, Seattle, USA, Photo - Jal Schrof

Distinguished Americans in Croatia

  • Jimmy Lyggett, trainer of Croatian boxing representation in Zagreb from 1939 to 1945

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