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Nikola Tesla distinugished Croatian-American scientist and inventor
and his high-school education in Croatia

Nikola Tesla (1856-1943) in his laboratory in Colorad Springs in 1899,
with the book  Ruđer Bošković, a famous Croatian scientist.

Nikola Tesla

Martin Sekulić (1833-1905), professor of mathematics and Physics in Rakovica (Karlovca),
in Croatia, in the High Real School which Nikola Tesla attended in the years 1870-1873.
Sekulić is probably the most important professor during entire schooling of Nikola Tesla.
His experiments enthused young Tesla for electricity and magnetism.
He was a member of the Academy of Sciences in Zagreb (in the division of Natural Sciences and Mathematics).

The working language in the High Real School (Obere Realschule) in Rakovica was German.
Rakovica was then a part of the Croatian Miliatry Frontier,
 i.e., (according to the then terminology) of  Kroatischen Militär-Grenze, or Hrvatska krajina, or Hrvatska Vojna krajina.
Later, the name of Hrvatsko-slavonska Vojna krajina was also used.

Some of the subjects that young Nikola Tesla listened to as a student of the VI'th grade of the (roughly, age of 16).
The source is  school yearbook of the Rakovac High Real School for the period of  1872-1874.

Kroatische Sprache - Croatian language



These subjects had been described not only in German, but in Croatian langauge as well:

Hrvatski jezik - Croatian language



Here we stress that the Croatian Language was the mother tongue of Nikola Tesla. This fact is missing
in literally all biographical sources (including monographs) dealing with Nikola Tesla.
It is a well documented fact by available school yearbooks from the period of 1870-1873.

We conclude with the (duplicate of) matriculation form that Nikola Tesla earned in Rakovica in 1873:

The title page of the (duplicate of) Nikola Tesla's matriculation form, issued in Croatia's capital Zagreb in 1885..

As we can see (in the second last line), one of the subjects
Nikola Tesla's final exam was Croatian language.
Plese, see a more detiled information.

Selfportrait of young Julije Klović, 1498-1578, a famous Croatian minature painter,
kept in the Kunsthistorisches Museum in Vienna. Text arround the upper border:

Iulius Clouius Croatus sui ipsius effigiator Ao:aetat: 30.salut: 1528.

Iulius Clouius Croatus
With sadness we have to point at the following mistake made by the Kunshistoriches museum in Vienna:

Iulius Clouius [sic!] sui ipsius effigiator Ao:aetat: 30.salut: 1528.

i.e., Croatus has been omitted on the web page of the Kunsthistorisches Museum.

The same mistake can be seen on, referring to Kunshitorisches Museum as the data provider:

Noticed on 21 Jan. 2013, see JPG_kunsthistorishecs_museum,

The mistake at Kunsthistorisches Museum has been corrected in March 2014,
but at it is still not corrected (as of April 2014).
As of September 2014, changed its web page to the indicated address.
Also, changed its link from referring 
Kunshitorisches Museum (with corrected mistake)
to, containing the same mistake.

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