Darko Zubrinic (hobbies)

  • folk guitar, author of the guitar manual "Gitara za radoznalce", Zagreb, 1989.
  • mountains: visited many Croatian mountains (with probably the most interesting mountain in Europe - Velebit), mountains of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, Serbia (Kosovo region), Macedonia, Slovenia, Austria, Czech Republic, Slovakia, France (Mont Blanc), Greece (Crete - Ida, Lefke Ori, Pahnes), Caucasus in the former USSR - including 20 days in Grozny, Chechenia and Ingushetia, 1988 (in Croatian).
  • history of the Croatian Glagolitic Script, author of the manual "Hrvatska glagoljica", HKD sv. Jeronim, Zagreb, (416 p), enlarged second edition, (March 1996); ISBN 953-6111-35-7 (Drustvo sv. Jeronima), ISBN 953-6098-38-5 (Element). Anyone wishing to get acquainted with the Croatian Glagolitic and Cyrillic Script can obtain my TeX and METAFONT files:
    • glagolitic (angular, round, cursive, a font with letters like on the Baska tablet, 60 exotic ligatures),
    • Croatian Cyrillic,
    • also stechak ornaments and
    • Croatian wattle patterns.

    Some familiarity with TeX and METAFONT is needed. Basic information about the Croatian Glagolitic can be seen in my papers in TUGboat:

    • The Exotic Croatian Glagolitic Script, Washington, Vol 13, No 4, p. 470-471 (December 92),
    • Croatian fonts (pdf), TUGboat, Vol 17, No 1, March 1996.

    Since 1993 secretary of the Scripturae Glagoliticae Amicorum Societas (in Croatian), and since 2000 president of the society. Member of the editorial board of Basschina (roughly - Heritage, Homeland; six issues appeared till now), devoted to popularizing the Croatian Glagolitic Script.

    Witnessed a vary rare natural phenomenon - the WHOLE CIRCLE RAINBOW. It had very sharp edges, extremely intense colours and - a cross in the middle, with two human silhouettes on both sides. These were the shadows of a metal cross (about 5m high, on the top of the mountain Königstuhl in Austria, above 2000m) and of our bodies, "projected" onto a film of mist in a late afternoon.

    darko.zubrinicZZ@ZZfer.hr (remove Z's)

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