Museu KrekoviŠ
Palma de Mallorca


Exodus of the 20th century

a detail

another detail: Sina and Kristian KrekoviŠ in Croatian national costume

Mahatma Gandhi, a good friend of Kristian KrekoviŠ, on the far right of the photo, drawn in red chalk

Marija KrekoviŠ, mother of Kristian KrekoviŠ

KrekoviŠ's series of golden portraits of donators of Museu KrekoviŠ in Palma de Mallorca


Some of the artefacts of Peruvian culture that KrekoviŠ left in his museum in Palma



Personal Coat of Arms of Kristian KrekoviŠ, composed of the old Bosnian, Croatian and Peruvian Coats of Arms, painted in 1952 in Peru.

Kristian and Sina KrekoviŠ in their atelier in Paris in 1931, where the same year Kristian made a portrait of Mahatma Gandhi.


Early autoportrait of Kristian KrekoviŠ

Queen Sofia of Spain with Kristian KrekoviŠ at the opening of Museu KrekoviŠ in 1981.

Kristian KrekoviŠ, Queen Sofia of Spain, and Sina KrekoviŠ

The above photos are from

Donacija Sine KrekoviŠ iz 1994
Vladi Republike Hrvatske

1994 Donation of Sina KrekoviŠ to the Governement of the Republic of Croatia, comprising 80 KrekoviŠ's oils

Donacija iz 1994. Vladi Republike Hrvatske sadrżi 80 ulja. Fotografije 32 djela:

This is a part of KrekoviŠ's donation, kept in Croatia

Kristian KrekoviŠ

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