Darko Zubrinic

Darko Zubrinic
Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computing
Dpt. of Applied Mathematics
Unska 3
10000 Zagreb

e-mail: darko.zubrinicYY@YYfer.hr (remove Y's)

Born in Zagreb (1956). Graduated from the Faculty of Natural Sciences and Mathematics in Zagreb (Department of Mathematics) in 1978, with the diploma work "Pontryagin duality theory for locally compact Abelian groups." Master thesis: "Optimal control" (1982). Ph. degree defended in 1986 with the thesis "Nonresonant elliptic equations and applications to control theory."

Fields of interest: nonlinear functional analysis, in particular nonlinear elliptic equations, fine properties of Sobolev functions, fractal analysis, spiral trajectories of dynamical systems.

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Graduate courses:

  • Faculty of Electrical Engineering: Variational methods for differential equations;
  • Faculty of Natural Sciences and Math. (Department of mathematics): Nonlinear functional analysis, Sobolev spaces,
  • Faculty of Technology: Mathematics (selected topics).

Spent two months on the International Center for Theoretical Physics, ICTP, Trieste in 1982, and four months in Praha, Charles University at prof. J.Necas (1985/6). I will never forget the hospitality of the people I met in Praha.

Leader of the former Yugoslav secondary school national team (with dr. Uros Milutinovic), that participated:

  • the International Mathematical Olympiads (IMO) held in Warsaw (1987), Havana (1988), Canberra (1989), and
  • the Balkan Mathematical Olympiads held in Athens (1988) and Nicosia (1989).

Initiated and participated the organization of the Balkan Mathematical Competition held in Split in 1989.

Selected papers


  1. Uvod u varijacione metode za diferencijalne jednadzzbe, Zagreb 1991,
  2. with dr. Uross Milutinovich:
  3. Matematiccki susreti (prepared by D.Zz), Beli Manastir 1991 (the whole edition has been destroyed during the Serbian aggression on Croatia), new edition: Zagreb 1995 - published by Element.
  4. Diskretna matematika, Element, Zagreb, 1997.
  5. Fundamentals of Applied Functional Analysis
    (with Dragissa Mitrovich, Prof. Emeritus of the University of Zagreb)
    Pitman Monograph and Surveys in Pure and Applied Mathematics 91, Longman, 1998 (400 pages)

    ISSN 0269-3666
    ISBN 0 582 24694 6

    Orders at Amazon.com or at CRC Press.


    The book provides a gentle introduction to modern concepts of linear and nolinear functional analysis. It is intended mainly for new graduate students in mathematics and physics specializing in partial differential equations and also for engineers who need a deeper understanding of modern methods of applied functional analysis. It may serve as a preparation for study of the abundant scientific literature on the theory of distributions, Sobolev spaces, elliptic equations and nonlinear analysis. Its purpose is also to provide an insight into the fascinating variety of deeply interlaced mathematical tools applied in the study of nonlinear problems.

    It starts with a review of the basics of Lebesgue spaces and Nemytzki operators. Special attention is paid to distributions, Sobolev spaces, and their applications to the study of elliptic boundary value problems. Some of the methods of nonlinear analysis are illustrated by resonant and nonresonant problems, lower semicontinuity and convexity, energy functionals, monotone operators, reduction method, Landesman - Lazer problems, jumping nonlinearities, the Mountain-Pass theorem, and topological degree. The book contains numerous examples and exercises, most of them with detailed solutions and hints.

Darko Zubrinic, FER

To help Croatian math teachers and pupils:
Matematika za osnovnu i srednju sskolu

Author of the booklet "Faculty of Electrical Engineering" (1992), which provides basic information about our institution and about Croatia. Its second part served as a basis for the preparation of HTML files about the Croatian history, culture and science.

Now Associate professor at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computing.

Member of the Croatian Mathematical Society.