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You cannot report on half a century in a few pages...
Yves CALAIS, see History of SIESC

An attempt to briefly describe some achievements of

The first international recognition of Croatia came in 879
from Pope John VIII, ie. 1128 years ago!

The Croatian Prince Branimir made important steps in strengthening the relations with Rome. During the solemn divine service in St. Peter's church in Rome in 879, Pope John VIII gave his blessing to the prince and the whole Croatian people, about which he informed Branimir in his letters. In his letter dated from 881 the Pope addressed Branimir as the `glorious prince'. This was the first time that the Croatian state was officially recognized (at that time the international legitimacy was given by the Pope), which, as we see, happened more than eleven centuries ago!


A very brief summary:

Pavao Skalic, a humanist-polyhistorian (born in Zagreb, 1534-1575), was the first to have used the notion of


in its modern meaning.


St Leopold Bogdan Mandic

St Leopold Bogdan Mandic (1866-1942, memorial day 30th July), with clumsy walk and stuttering, he developed tremendous spiritual strength.


HOMO VOLANS by Faust Vrancic

Parachute invented by Faust Vrancic (1551-1617),
and his sketch of homo volans


Cravate with a pattern of Croatian coat of arms.
The name of "cravate" has been derived from the Croatian name.


Penakla (from the book Penkala by M. Tischler)

Chemical pen and fountain pen - invented by Penkala (1871-1922), Zagreb


Filip Vezdin,
pioneer of European indology

Filip Vezdin (Paulinus a Sancto Bartolomaeo, 1748-1806),
pioneer of European indology, author of the first printed
Sanskrit grammar


Rudjer Boskovic

Rugjer Boskovic's unified theory of forces
(nuclear, gravitational,...)

Rudjer Boskovic (1711-1787) was the first one to introduce
the force among material points now known as nuclear force.
His ideas were credited among others by Werner Heisenberg
(Nobel prize for physics in 1932).


Paula von Preardovic

The verses for the Austrian national anthem "Land der Berge, Land am Storme", were written by Paula von Preradovic (1887-1951), Austrian writer and poetess, with the music of W.A. Mozart.


Guarneri's King donated by Balokovic
to his beloved Zagreb in 1964
(photo from

Guarneri's famous violin "the King" from 1735 is kept in Zagreb,
a gift of its owner Zlatko Balokovic, Croatian violinist


HKDPD - Hrvatsko katolicko drustvo prosvjetnih djelatnika, Zagreb
(Croatian Catholic Society of School Teachers)


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