Kristian Krekovic: Tryptich for the Anglican Church in Palma de Mallorca
Tryptich of St Philip, Our
Lady of Peace and St James

The Triptych is traditional in style and contrasts pleasantly with the very simple and modern interior of our church. It shows 'Our Lady of Peace' with an 'aureole' of the heads of nine children, representing all the ethnic groups of mankind.

On either side of this central painting are our saints of Title: Philip and James. The triptych was painted by the Croatian-born Peruvian artist Kristian Krekovic and was commissioned and so generously donated to our church in 1973 by a faithful member and sidesman of our congregation, the late Mr Eric Beeby.

Source file at The Anglican Church of St Philip and St James, Palma de Mallorca

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Kristian Krekovic with his tryptich for the Anglican Church in Palma de Mallorca, source