Cultural Society of the Moslems of Croatia

To Mr Alija Izetbegovic
President of the Presidency of Bosnia and Herzegovina

Dear Sir

we are spending our days and nights in shelters, underground, driven there like animals, under the threat of bombs from planes which, as you know, usually take off from air bases in Bosnia and Herzegovina. And it is in the shelters that we heard on the radio your declaration on the neutrality of Bosnia and Herzegovina, our original homeland which we left to our brothers for safekeeping.

This is good news. It makes us hope that the drunken guests with bare knives in their teeth in our Bosnian homeland were just a bad dream.

However, dear Mr. President, the telephone calls we receive from the towns of ancient Herzegovina and proud Bosnia, calls from those closest to us, are filled with fear, with cries for help. And they tell us a completely different story: savage hordes have invaded Herzegovina and occupied the entire Bosnian Krajina! That same army is attacking Dubrovnik and spending guided missiles with equal unconcern against peasant during the vintages, children in nursery school, industrial plants, the defenders of Croatia (their only homeland) and finally even on our very president dr. Franjo Tudjman, who was chosen by his people in free democratic elections.

Dear Mr President,

your sincere words and intentions in proclaiming the neutrality of Bosnia and Herzegovina should now be implemented. The condition of neutrality should be met: shooting at the next-door neighbour from house windows must stop.

Zagreb, 8th October 1991
Ibrahim Kajan