Your Holiness,

My beliefs and the activities I was engaged in during the last war had been brought about by my Jewish and Christian origin, my parentsí love that came to be in one of the most difficult periods in history - the Holocaust of the Second World War. While some members of my family were killed, the other went on to create new life.

One of the most important causes of my participation in those activities, was my decision to dedicate my life to a profession that provides practical help to people. They were also a logical outcome of my everyday efforts to combat AIDS, promote ecology, fight for the rights of the disabled and organise medical services. Confronted with the atrocities of the war, I had to combine my family heritage with my knowledge and experience, in order to put them into practice.

I was aware that difficult moments called for performing good deeds, no matter what the conditions were. Being a witness to some practical failures, I knew their consequences, but I also knew that doing good was possible.

It was at that point that I was encouraged by my faith and Wounded Christ.

Your Holiness, You have been doing good for the most part of your life, a life based on faith. In this war I witnessed Your efforts to prevent, stop and alleviate our hardships .

Therefore , I have the honour to dedicate this testimony to You, along with my deepest gratitude and respect.

Dr. Slobodan Lang