I found one more wooden statue of Wounded Christ among the remains of a burned down Catholic church. All Croats had been sent into exile from that place years ago. Christ was injured by fire but saved.

Once again, I received a message. The buildings are destroyed , the body is hurt, but the soul is rescued. Protect the soul! I stood in awe in front of this Christ. I felt I was not humble enough. I was afraid that we would stop providing help not only to people, but to Wounded Christ as well. I was fearful that we would not see Him, and even if we did, that we would mistake Him for a piece of wood, stone, metal, alabaster or glass. I was afraid that we could admire precious works of art instead of taking a bow, praying and learning from Wounded Christ.

Now that the time has arrived for our country to gain power and receive military and international recognition, I am aware of the fact that Wounded Christ has been the greatest defender of Croatia, the defender of the soul, and as such, having been mutilated, burned up, pierced by nails and hit by shells and bullets, he is the most important responsibility we have in our period of renewal. Christ accepted to get wounded because of us.

Christ, treasured by the Croats as their most precious award, is also their greatest responsibility.

To help Wounded Christ is to renew Croatia. The Year of Christ was in two years’ time. God, was I afraid! Will Croatia be able to save its soul? Will it recognise and help Wounded Christ?

He Went Out to Protect ...