Masses, miraculous masses in Travnik, Bugojno and Zenica, said by Father Pavo, Father Janko and Father Stipan. Churches, built by the parishioners long ago to remain forever. Inside the churches various small decorative items proved that everyone wanted to contribute with something beautiful to their church.

The Croats had been expelled from those towns, but the churches were crowded. The bells did not chime, but the voice from the altar, the sound of the organs and our singing gave us a sense of fulfilment. The people in the church, although undergoing hardships themselves, were praying for others.

The first mass I attended was the one in Zenica. After my father’s death and his funeral I went to Bugojno. We said prayers for the salvation of the Bosniaks from Bihać and Western Bosnia.

We came to Travnik together with Rudolph the Grand Duke of Hapsburg . In church he knelt down with his wife, her escort and Baron Dobrinović - Vranicany. As far as I knew he was the first Hapsburg in Travnik. While they were kneeling, their eyes closed, deep in prayer, a girl ascended the pulpit and began reading an epistle. Just at that moment we heard the roar of cannons. While Travnik was shelled, the girl went on with her reading as if nothing had happened. We were all unified in the mass. The Grand Duke was praying. Christ covered us with peace, protected us and helped us to realise that we had overcome fear.

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