I felt both the weakness and strength of the man. Throwing people out of their homes was horrible, but their eagerness to defend them was miraculous.

I was gathering stones and speaking of the war against the Three Crosses (on the Church, Hospital and Grave), but I was not yet aware of Wounded Christ. In Slavonia it became clear to me that the man could not fight evil on his own , but I also realised that every man was free to confront it, without being afraid of evil people, no matter how powerful they seemed to be.

It was a year later, in Osijek, in the aftermath of the tragedies of Dubrovnik, Bosnian Sava Region, Central Bosnia, Herzegovina and Mostar, even Istria and Italy, when I grasped the full extent of the calamities I had witnessed throughout Croatia, that I met with Wounded Christ once again. He appeared small, positioned in the main square, in front of the church of St. Peter and Paul, on the Cross but with His hands free, outstretched towards the sky, speaking to the people and blessing the exiled. So powerful He already seemed to me that I felt liberated from the fear of evil and filled with the fear of God.

I was no longer afraid of anybody but God.

In Front Of The Church Of St. Peter And Paul