Everyone was in a good mood. Shell-cratered or completely destroyed houses where of little wonder to these people. My companions, Mali Jastreb and Dr. Anđelić, would stop from time to time in a place to recall the time when there stood a house and you could hear people’s talk and laughter.

The houses were no longer there but at least their ruins were a reminder. The dead were still without their graves.

We have to bury the dead before we rebuild the houses. The Three Crosses are still waiting to be erected. All of us felt the same, but nobody spoke .

In Tovarnik I saw a church. Mali Jastreb said : “ Let’s go inside. The doctor is always looking for Wounded Christ.” This was the first time I entered a church together with Croatian soldiers on their way home. As soon as I came in, I noticed Christ’s hand. It was the second time that Christ lent His hand, this time to the defenders of Vukovar, as if he wanted to greet them. They were defending Vukovar and Croatia, and now they were called upon by Christ to enable the Return.

Where To Return ...?