While they were speaking it was obvious they knew that a change had been made, that Ilok belonged to Croatia, but they also felt that the price to be paid for freedom was to pass over the tragedy of Croatia and Ilok in silence.

The Croats living in Ilok were the first to loose and the last to regain freedom. Still, they were the ones who were told : “ Father, forgive them for they know not what they do.” Gathered in the church, in front of Wounded Christ, they were speaking of their Calvary, expecting their own Resurrection, as if they knew that that was the only occasion when they would be allowed to tell their stories of Ilok.

I recalled Dubrovnik, the Intellectuals’ Forum, the masses in the cathedrals in Rama, Nova Bila, Zenica, Travnik, Tolisa, each of them a miracle of its own , not only because of Christ’s presence, but because the people there became united with Him in spirit.

While recalling these events and praying, I was listening carefully to the people from Ilok. Having surpassed themselves, they were free to devote themselves to Christ who will embrace and lead them.

Meeting “Job”