I do not know at what time Christ arrived or who brought him and from where. It was possible that he had been present there since the very beginning.

He was standing above a candle, the light was on, the people were together, they were getting to know each other, talking about things they could not talk about before, learning from each other, collecting their signatures and messages of support. During those days I was becoming aware of the strength of human weakness, the strength of signatures and words, candles and stone, the power of tolerance and making peace with each other. “Shame your abuser with kindness”. Those days I was learning the reason why.

Christ had no feet, as if he was warning us not to leave, begging us to remain in Croatia, to gain strength to endure.

I was not able to grasp his message then, nor was I aware of the hardships that were awaiting Croatia and the Croatian people, myself among them. It was the beginning of our Calvary. Wounded Christ arrived.

Sixty Days In Front Of The Yugoslav Army Court Martial Building