It is important to state first that the buildings of the museum lie in the condition as they were when built, that is, the walls, ceilings and roofs are undamaged, but all windows and doors and all glass, that was located in the halls, which were connecting two independent buildings, were taken out of its frames. In the large hall, on all 4 walls pictures are still hanging (large photographs of the victims), but all the exhibits have been taken away, all books. Missing are also part of the furniture and devices that were before in the building. All the seats that were installed in the "amphitheater" for the conferences have been ripped out of the seats. Also, all sanitary installations have been removed, but the ceramics on the walls is mainly intact!!

That such is the condition of the buildings I personally witnessed when together with about 2,000 visitors I visited Jasenovac on occasion of the 52nd anniversary of the escape of captives from the camp in 20 April 1945. Therefore, everyone should ask himself how is it possible that the buildings remained undamaged if they were shelled, as explained on the Internet where Dr. Milan Bulajic at least on 5 places from the 30 pages mentions it? Around the buildings there are no remains of any craters, but there are concrete pavements intact, and the roads leading to the memorial center as those on the dams are also not damaged, and from the dam to the monument the path is paved with wooden beams, which are partly rotting. The monument, for which the Belgrade newspapers wrote in 1995 that it was leveled with the ground, stand whole and intact! In the place itself is undamaged Orthodox church. The largest part of the houses are undamaged, while the Catholic church has been destroyed and torn down!

Regarding the exhibits, which were allegedly 8,000 and the largest part of its library, according to reliable sources, have been transported by Serbs into Bosnia and Hercegovina. Bulajic himself mentions that the peasants in Jasenovac said that the exhibits were taken away by Serbs. And during the retreat of Serbs 1 May 1995 part of the bridge lower over Sava from the Bosnian side had been destructed. At the memorial center, where the museum building lies, there was no bridge connecting to Gradina, but a mount for a ferry-boat.

In September 1991, as was previously described, all the buildings of the memorial area from the Croatian side weren't damaged at all, and there was no shelling that destroyed the library and eight thousand exhibits. Also from 18 to 19 September 1995 there were no military operations of the Croatian Army from Bosanski Novi to Stara Gradiska, because the territory around Stara Gradiska was liberated in May 1995, and the operations from Bosanski Novi to Dvor took place 4 to 8 August, and again in the narrow strip in the vicinity of Bosanski Novi in September 1995, and from there alongside the whole of battleline only sporadic shellings took place, including the Jasenovac and Gradina areas. Apparently Dr. Bulajic got confused which time and place and actions took place from 1991 to 1995. But it is most interesting to find out where he got the figure of 365 thousand killed - did he count them when they were flying in the air (?) - when he was constantly claiming that only in Gradina at least 700 thousand were killed, and most probably even a million? Why doesn't he come to Gradina, which lies in Republika Srpska, from which he can see that all buildings of the museum are intact, but totally pillaged. Everything that could have been taken away, not only just what lied in them, but also from the buildings, doors, windows, glass and sanitary equipment, was taken down and away! I don't even think there is any obstacle for him visiting Jasenovac himself, so he can convince in the "truth" of his claims about the "terrible crime from the side of Croatian ustasha government."

With the previous facts it is inevitably proved that everything that is mentioned for the Memorial district Jasenovac is sheer fiction, so the complaints registered to the United nations and other organizations are a true farce and disgrace for those who had done so. It is also inappropriate to call Republic of Croatia the second independent Croatia, since NDH was reinstated by the occupators, that is the fascist Germany and Italy, while Republic of Croatia was established in a democratic way and recognized as a member of the United Nations. It is known that general Franjo Tudjman, the president of the Republic of Croatia, fought in the National Liberation Army against the fascist authorities in WWII, as was the majority of the Croatian nation on the side of the National Liberation Movement and that the people of Croatia, especially city of Zagreb, fought actively and supported the Partisan fighters with clothes, footwear, food and medications, and also with information about the movements and plans of the occupational actions, in which I took part also personally (in Zagreb about 15,000 people were in connection through secret measures) which was crucial for the battles all the way until 1944 when the Allies took over the task of shipping supplies. Due to such a support the fight could take place on the territory of NDH, and not in Serbia where there was no such support. Also Dr. Bulajic didn't mention the statement of Dr. Tudjman written in the "Horrors of War" (ed. 1990) p 434: "that the Croatian nation not only didn't personalize with the ustasha regime of NDH, but continued to keep distance with it more and more after a sudden awakening due to its fascist methods of rule and giving away Dalmatia to Italy!!"

In Serbia, on the other hand, the fight for national-liberation actually really began only after the liberation of Belgrade 20 October 1944 with the help of Soviet and Bulgarian armies (primarily due to the general amnesty of chetniks, members of the Serbian State Guards of general Nedic and due to general mobilization into the NOVJ (National Liberation Army of Yugoslavia) on the territories seized by Partisans). Therefore any allusion or even comparisons of today's authorities with the ones of NDH from the Serbian side is inappropriate and malicious, when one knows that the quisling Nedic'es government and its military and police forces collaborated with the occupier as those of NDH, with what they directly took part in the elimination of Jews (already from May 1942), even of Serbian people.

Dr. Milan Bulajic never mentioned those crimes that were done by the NOV (National Liberation Army) and captured and disarmed Croatians and Muslims in May 1945 at the Austrian border near Bleiburg and the so called "Way of the Cross" on which due to liquidation, torture and hunger about 50 thousand people died, among which a substantial number of those who did not commit any crimes, but were running away not wanting to live in a Communist system. Apart from that many leaders of the ustasha regime were condemned and executed. Couldn't that have been a proper retaliation for the crimes they were responsible for? It is interesting to note here that before the end of the war the Croatian and the Serbian quislings began cooperating! Namely with the permission of Dr. Pavelic all quisling units of general Nedic were permitted to cross through Croatian territory towards the Austrian border: Serbian state guards, Serbian Volunteer Corps and chetniks. One should mention the permission given to chetnik units of priest Momcilo Djujic (whose units were under direct German command) of passing through the Knin territory after its fall to Partisan units at the end of 1944, on request of Germans permitted by the authorities of NDH and Dr. Pavelic himself. But out of 35 thousand of Serbian guards, volunteers and chetniks only 2 thousand were killed. While 10 thousand only Slovene White Guard were killed!

Dr. Milan Bulajic also does not mention camps in Nedic'es Serbia, and bigger ones than the one in Sabac or Banjica. For example the president of the city hall and the governor of Belgrade Drago Jovanovic turned the barracks of the 18th battalion into a camp - Banjica, governed by Svetozar Vujkovic, who brought decisions of executions. The arrested people were brought by the Serbian State Guard and city police units, and the executions took place in Jajinci. In the camp and on the place of executions and in other places about 60,000 Serbs, Jews and Romanys were killed! He does not mention those crimes in Serbia and the crimes of chetniks in Bosnia and Hercegovina and in Croatia, just in order to prove that Croatians are a genocidal nation, even though everybody knows that wherever the occupational German army showed up even greater camps and crimes were committed and that Germans found everywhere (even in France) collaborationists who would secure their safe movement. In Yugoslavia it was important to secure transport to Greece and North Africa. Unfortunately, the quisling authorities apart from this executed their local dissenters with those who jeopardized their authority. However, if there was no fascist occupation there would never come to such terrible crimes in Croatia, Bosnia and Hercegovina, and in Serbia and Vojvodina. That is why the main fault goes to the occupators: Germans, Italians, Hungarians and Bulgarians!

Now since with the aggression on Croatia and Bosnia and Hercegovina from the side of Serbs caused considerable human sufferings and material damage, they want firstly to prove to the world with their writings on the Internet that actually in NDH in WWII at least 700 thousand Serbs were killed, and secondly that the new independent Republic of Croatia has continued with methods of the ustasha regime, which is best proved by "the destruction of evidence about those crimes by means of shelling the whole territory of the Memorial park Jasenovac, the museum with its library and 8,000 exhibits, as well as of the graves in which the victims have been buried!" Since the protagonists of the Croatian genocide over Serbs have been mentioned, thanks to the official manipulations of the former Yugoslav administration, with numerous texts and even films, they succeeded for the time being to deceive the international community - so they thought they would do the same thing with statements about the destruction of the museum itself. However, with concrete walls it is not possible to manipulate as with figures on papers or films, when everyone can come for himself on the spot and verify that the buildings of the memorial museum are intact and that the statements and claims of their destruction and rocket shelling are complete lies, which inevitably proves that the Serb promoters of Croatian genocide are servicing the worst and most uncivilized methods, which the cultural world should not tolerate. With the deception of the attention of the world through destruction of graves of the dead, in order to conceal the killing of people in the new war for the creation of greater Serbia, on the territory of Croatia and Bosnia and Hercegovina from 1991 to 1995, indeed is the worst possible "Machiavellianism"!


Written by Vladimir Zerjavic
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