Already 25th May 1945 in Ljubljana Marshal Tito proclaimed that in Yugoslavia between 1941 and 1945 altogether 1,700,000 people lost their lives. In addition to this in 1946 the Government of the FNRJ (Federal People's Republic of Yugoslavia) reported to the International Commission for Reparations the figure 1,706,000 as overall human losses in the period of 1941-1945. However, the first post-war census of the people who survived, carried out 15th March 1948, showed that the number of 1,7 million casualties can only be a rough estimate, and not the exact number of human casualties. It is clear that without the establishing of the number of survived one cannot find out the number of those who lost their lives. However, it was in the interest of the government of that time to prove as huge losses as possible not only due to receiving large reparations, but also to show how large was the role of the Partisan help to the Allies in the fight against German and Italian fascists. That made Yugoslavia the 3rd country behind Russia and Poland with its human losses, while other allied countries had: India 759,000, France 453,000, Greece 558,000, Great Britain 358,000, Czechoslovakia 250,000, the Netherlands 200,000 and USA 187,000. One must emphasize that the number of 1,7 million until the death of Marshal Tito (in 1980) was officially protected and secured, and Dr. Milan Bulajic holds that it is the only true one. And that it is not true you will see from the following.

Written by Vladimir Zerjavic
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