1st International Blind and Visually Impaired Theatre Festival

Zagreb, 7th to 10th October 1999

Organized by Theatrical Company of the Blind and Visually Impaired "New Life"
Senoina 32
10000 Zagreb, Croatia
tel +385-1-48-12-502
fax +385-1-48-12-066
e-mail: teatar-slijepih@zg.tel.hr

The Festival is being held under the high auspicies of dr Franjo Tudjamn, president of the Republic of Croatia

Financed by the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Croatia and the City of Zagreb


  1. Croatia: Theatrical company of the blind and visually impaired New Life (founded in 1946)
  2. Great Britain: Extant (founded in 1996)
  3. Great Britain: Theatre provocateur (founded in 1997)
  4. Slovenia: The theatre of blind and visually impaired people Smile (founded in 1996)
  5. Spain: The Antigona theatrical group (founded in 1988)
  6. Programme:

    The Festival will take place at the VIDRA theatre,
    Draskoviceva 80, Zagreb

    • October 6th, 1999
      • 18 o'clock, Press conference
    • October 7th, 1999
      • 19,30 o'clock, Solemn opening of the Festival
      • 20 o'clock, Radovan Ivsic: King Gordogan (in Croatian), Theatrical Company of the Blind and Visually Impaired "New Life", Croatia
    • October 8th, 1999
      • 12 o'clock, Liam O'Caroll: Distress call, Theatre Provocateur, Great Britain
      • 19,30 o'clock, Scarnicci & Tarabusi: The Guest of Honour (in Slovenian), The theatre of blind and visually impaired people "Smile," Slovenia
    • October 9th, 1999
      • 11 o'clock, Stage Language Laboratory, "Extant", Great Britain
      • 16 o'clock, Eduardo Blanco Amor: Angelica at the gates of Heaven (in Spanish), The "Antigona" theatrical group, Spain
      • 20 o'clock, Danil Ivanovich Harms: Zeros and Nils (in Croatian), Theatrical Company of the Blind and Visually Impaired "New Life", Croatia
      • 21 o'clock, solemn closing of the Festival

    Radovan Ivsic: King Gordogan

    New Life, blind and visually impaired theatre company, decided to take You into the world of fairy tale. However, leave your children at home, because the fairy tale is noir, cruel and sad: it is a tragic play about love and death, democracy and tyranny. In a rather exaggerated manner (by taking the plota out of a recognizable context, dressing everything up to the poet's imagination, and setting it beyond illusion), it narrates the history of many peoples. It points out the clash between art and power, freedom and prejudice, the conflict between good and evil (where, unexpectedly, the evil finally wins), suggesting the following message: let it never happen to anyone - nowhere." ...

    This play in five acts, written by Radovan Ivsic in 1943 in Zagreb, was first performed in 1979. Radovan Ivsic is a world wide known as the poet and playwright of surrealist inspiration, who waited on the opening night of his play in Zagreb for thirty six long years. The play was performed in 1956 in the French translation on the French radio, later in 1971 at La Coste castle; the text inspired the famous Henry Barraud who wrote a libretto...

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