The only blind theatre company in Europe

Written by prof. Antun Lastric,
leader of the Blind Theatre

In 1996, the Croatian Council of Blind People will be celebrating the 50th anniversary of its productive work. Since the Blind Theatre Company ``New Life'' is part of the entire Association, a number of guest performances will be organized in order to honour the occasion. The main goal of this particularly important Company is to inform the public about the achievements and abilities of the blind and visually impaired people.

On this occasion, at least one performance in each region of our country will be organized. Guest performances will be organized in about ten European countries where the Croats (who, because of extremely inconvenient economic and other reasons, were forced to leave their homeland - thus seeking for a better life abroad), live an work.

Performing theatrical plays is the best way to show the abilities for a sightless person in the society, considering the fact that celebrities in the world of theatre (directors, set and costume designers, and other theatre staff) helped in the realization of the plays performed by our Company - which guaranteed a high artistic quality of the performances. It should also be added that actor-amateurs have been working with the Company over a longer period of time so that, along with the natural talent, good results are constantly being achieved. Furthermore, ``New Life'' - the only blind theatre company, being part of the Croatian Association of the Blind People for 40 years, holds its own professional theatre room - which also proves its long acting tradition.

Of course, other societies in the past had much better conditions for the development of theater amateurism of the blind and visually handicapped people, but all attempts of its realization were fruitless. We may well say that the Blind Theatre Company is of great significance for the entire theatre amateurism in Croatia. The members of the troupe are very proud of the results achieved so far.

Regarding the work of the Company and everything mentioned so far, the conclusion that such group could have been established in the society of a higher cultural development only, is inavoidable.